How long can you spare to do good?

    1 min

    Cancel the monthly paper statements you get in the mail.

    20 sec

    Stop forests being erased.

    1 hr

    Become a Recycling Pro.

    25 sec

    Support your charitable organisation by signing up to Amazon smile.

    2 min

    Turn water off when brushing teeth or shaving.

    1 year

    Help poor children improve their reading.

    1 day

    Run the London Marathon.

    2 yrs

    Join a car club, save and reduce emissions.

    30 sec

    Save the Arctic.

    2 hrs

    Design a poster to fight climate change.

    3 min

    Measure your water footprint and rethink your consumption patterns.

    35 sec

    Search the web and raise a penny for a good cause.

    3 hrs

    Host your own Whizz Quiz to help disabled children.

    3 yrs

    Regular donation to help wherever the need is greatest.

    4 min

    Adopt a penguin.

    3 hrs

    Research and write stories for a magazine helping homeless.

    2 days

    Make fossil fuels history.

    4 hrs

    Hold a Coffee Morning.

    5 min

    Take a five minute shower instead of ten.

    4 hrs

    Give your unwanted items to someone else.

    4 yrs

    Donate Your Computer's Idle Time.

    40 sec

    Sign to stop age discrimination.

    6 min

    Become a WWF member.

    3 days

    Save the bees, plant bee friendly flowers.

    5 hrs

    Add green roof on your shed.

    10 yrs

    Earn money for charity when you walk, run or bike.

    6 hrs

    Bungee jump to beat blood cancer.

    7 min

    Calculate and offset your CO2 emissions.

    4 days

    Cycle from London to Paris to support the homeless.

    6 hrs

    Take off your shoes for children?s health and education.

    8 min

    Measure your environmental footprint and change the way you live.

    43 sec

    Stop child trafficking.

    5 days

    Live below the line.

    9 min

    Reconsider waste with yiuco.

    7 hrs

    Tackle a campaign to make the world suck less.

    13 yrs

    Adopt a pet.

    10 min

    Show the love.

    6 days

    Raise money for a cause you care about.

    11 min

    Give me tap.

    8 hrs

    Capital clean-up.

    45 sec

    Sign for a fracking free UK.

    12 min

    Install Hippo in your toilet and save water every time you flash it.

    9 hrs

    Run to fund life saving research.

    7 days

    Eat vegetarian once a week.

    13 min

    Join the Organ Donor register.

    50 sec

    Plant a tree and create a big impact for new woodland.

    15 min

    Submit your wildlife sighting record.

    35 yrs

    Travel in a greener way.

    17 min

    Help your single glove find a partner.

    10 hrs

    Dance for peace.

    18 min

    Make your face funny for money.

    19 min

    Learn about making informed purchasing decisions.

    9 days

    Skydive to fight heart disease.

    12 hrs

    Bake a gingerbread house for homeless children.

    20 min

    Make a bird feeder.

    52 sec

    End violence against children.

    30 min

    Grow a tree.

    40 yrs

    Register to donate your blood stem cells or bone marrow.

    10 days

    Follow the ancient paths of the Incas to power research.

    38 min

    Cycle to work.

    58 min

    Learn which seafood to buy or avoid.

    14 days

    Take trains and buses when going on holiday.

    15 hrs

    Use your pedals to power heart research. Bike ride from London to Brighton.

    90 min

    Play football for peace.

    55 sec

    Defend our Oceans.

    45 yrs

    Become a blood donor and help save lives.

    90 sec

    Help us end FGM.